Support Person - Equals Group

Being an immigrant in Finland is not always easy, straightforward or trouble-free. There can be many kinds of challenges, like being a refugee, violence, social integration, differences in cultural issues, forced marriages, all kinds of drugs, alienation, transacting with officials and public authorities, studying, integrating to the Finnish society and many other things related to everyday living.

All our support persons - Equals Group have an immigrant background and history. They are both women and men. They all share and have their own experience and knowledge of how they have succeeded and coped with these challenges, and how they have found their place in our society. These support persons assist and give concrete support and help in different kinds of transition and crisis situations.

Every support relation with an immigrant starts by making and creating a support plan, which includes issues like what kind of support this person needs and requires, how wide and long lasting the support is estimated to be related in meetings and in time, and how is the support and meetings are organized.

This support person - Equals Group service has been proved to come in as a very useful mean for immigrants and also for authorities to build the bridge between the immigrant and the Finnish society.